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Citroen 2CV. January 1, 2019

My second favorite car on this planet (Pen: Pelikan M120 Iconic Blue, Ink: Maruzen Eternal Blue, Paper: Mnemosyne 182).

An eastern buzzard. December 31, 2018

In early winter of Hanamaki, northeastern Honshu of Japan, eastern buzzards are dominate raptors in farmland ecosystems. They are usually perching on piles in paddy fields or branches of trees surrounding the fields, and waiting for appearances of their favorite prey, vole (Pen: Pelikan M120 Iconic Blue, Ink: Maruzen Eternal Blue, Paper: Mnemosyne 182).

An eastern buzzard. March 21 2016

Eastern buzzards are common at farmlands in northern part of Japan. They sometimes take over breeding territories of gray-faced buzzards, another apex predator of farmland ecosystems, in Tohoku and Kanto regions.

A male gray-faced buzzard. March 21 2016

Like other raptors, gray-faced buzzards have large variations in their plumage. This is a dark-plumaged male.

A male gray-faced buzzard. April 18 2015

In April, especially around the cherry blossom season, male gray-faced buzzards usually perch on the top of the utility poles standing at levees of paddy fields and frequently call in order to establish their breeding territories (drew with Paper on iPad Air).

A possible mechanism to explain how deep concrete ditches diminish frog densities in paddy fields. April 9 2015

Frogs without finger disks like true frogs and common frogs could not climb up concrete walls when they fall into deep ditches. And if it's before the mid-season drainage of paddy fields these fallen frogs are likely to be died of the ditches because water levels are high and flows are fast there (caricatured on Keynote for Mac).

A tram in downtown Kogoshima. March 29 2015

I've stayed at Kagoshima to join the ESJ62 for five days in mid-March. I think Sakura-jima, an active volcano, and trams are symbols of this comfortable city (drew with Paper on iPad Air).

A grasshopper, major prey for gray-faced buzzards in southwest Japan. March 18 2015

Patanga japonica. This grasshopper species is harbored by grasses in paddy fields and forest edges of south East Asia. They overwinter as adults though most other grasshoppers survive the winter as eggs in Japan (drew with Paper on iPad Air).

A female gray-faced buzzard looking at her prey, a frog. March 14 2015

Gray-faced buzzards, a migratory raptor breeding in East Asia, properly hunt their prey on paddy fields and deciduous broad-leaved forests (drew with Paper on iPad Air).


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